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Technical Course: How to make online courses better


Often an online course or video meeting is an unpleasant experience simply because the speaker's picture or sound is low or poor quality. Sometimes we can blame a bad internet connection, but crawling behind that excuse is becoming more and more a transparent excuse day by day. If somebody else does similar videos or courses, we compare in our minds, even if we don't want to. And we all would like to do better courses - not only adding value inside, but "outside" too - how my course will sound and look to the customers.

Usually we use only the top three parts of the following chart for our online courses or meetings - computer and some service provider to reach out to our customers. But is that really all, what we could do? Of course not!
Why do most Youtube videos look like they were made in a TV studio? Can I do something to get better using low cost equipment in my home?

Of course you can do something about it! And it's not so complicated at all!

After this course you will gain knowledge and a general understanding of how to use not only your computer but other technical devices to improve your online courses.

In this course you will get information and possibilities of use about the devices marked in green on the following diagram (click for bigger picture).

In the next video you can see how different the images from different cameras are and also how laptop webcamera is out of sync all the time despite the fact that I tried to correct it twice in post production (to better see the differences use full screen option).

This course is based on my personal experience over the years. In the course, I use my personal devices as examples, and I supplement those I don't have with pictures and videos from the internet.

The knowledge gained in this course can also be acquired for free by watching hundreds of Youtube tutorial videos and reading technical information materials and looking for reviews.

But if you value your time and want to quickly get information together with answers to your questions, then this course is a shortcut to knowledge

Course instructor: Marko Ponder

This is LIVE ONLINE course: main events take place in the ZOOM, for additional info we use Google Classroom etc. Recordings will be available, if you can't participate in live event.

Course language: English

Course starting time: 22. April 2021, 19.00 CET (Central European Time)

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