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„How to walk a dog – problem solving“ (LEVEL 2)

In the sequel of the "How to walk a dog" webinar, we solve loose leash walking problems. Webinars 27. aug and 10. sept.
The webinar is intended for those who have a deeper interest in delving into the principles and goals of loose leash walking
I will also cover main problems related to dog walking:
What are the reasons why walking with a loose leash fails
How to succeed

Includes extra webinar „Calming signals - dog language“
Certificate of completion of the full course
​​​​​​​Access to private Facebook group for webinar replays and discussions

Total cost 25€

27. August extra webinar „Calming signals - dog language“
​​​​​​​10. September main webinar „How to walk a dog – problem solving“ (LEVEL 2)

Webinar replay will be available if you can't watch live event

Webinar language: English

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