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Dog Walking Expert Level

Walking a dog seems like a very simple activity. However, this is an activity that can sometimes be unexpectedly difficult. To solve this question for you, here is the first part of my 3-part webinar for free to watch

"How to walk a dog" Level 1

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If you follow my instructions in this video, you should soon be able to walk your dog with a loose leash without pulling. How your walking will look like, you can watch in following 36 minute video

"Dog's Perspective" Loose leash walking

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If you are interested to get more knowledge about loose leash walking and wish to understand it better, then you can gain access to two extra webinars

"How to walk a dog" Level 2

Take a look at what I'm talking about in these webinars

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If you would like to watch Level 2 webinars in full, over 2 hours in total, with explanatory pictures and videos, please fill out the form below

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Happy Walking,

Marko Ponder

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